02 Pray Specifically

In 1985 Karen and I moved into a house at 1340 Boreas Drive in Orlando, Florida. The developer had not planted any trees in the yards, so looked rather bare. I began to pray for God to give me an oak tree for the front yard. I prayed every day for this oak tree for nearly a year. It would have been easy to go to Home Depot and buy a $10.00 oak tree, but I was asking God to provide an oak tree. One day I drove up to my house and could not help but see two Water Oak trees in my front yard. On my door there were instructions on how to take care of my newly planted oak trees. Orange County had come and planted these two oak trees and they left the instructions on our front door. None of the other houses in the neighborhood received an oak tree or any other kind of tree. Our house really stood out because of the oak trees. My neighbors wanted to know why I got oak trees. I was happy to pull out my prayer notebook and show them that I had been praying for God to give me an oak tree for the past year, and He was behind it. I never told anyone except for Karen that I was praying for an oak tree. I never contacted anyone at Orange County. I simply prayed and asked God to provide, which He did. He gave me two oak trees, not just one. Pray specifically. Pray persistently. Pray expectantly. Our Father in heaven loves to answer our prayers.

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