Ford 15-Passenger Van

01 Pray Specifically

Pray specifically!

In 1989, Karen was expecting David, our sixth child, and we were out of room in our Chevrolet Celebrity wagon. So, we were praying for a 15-passenger van. We heard our friends, Ken and Gail Barnes, needed another bench for their tan van. We did not want the last bench in a van, as we needed it for strollers, groceries, etc., so, we asked God for a tan back bench for the van that we would buy. We found a used maroon 15-passenger that fit our budget, and when the salesman showed it to us, it was missing the back bench. I asked the salesman where the back bench was, and he said they did not have one, but they would be glad to give us a back bench, and they did. And you guessed it, the only bench they had to give us was a tan bench for our maroon van. The salesman apologized that it didn’t match, but we were excited. God had answered a very specific prayer for a tan bench. We were able to bless the Barnes with a tan bench that matched their van, and we had a van that fit our family needs.

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