Bible Reading Plans

There are many reasons for us to read God’s word. Here are just a few of the reasons.

  • It is one of the ways that we grow in respect to salvation (1 Peter 2:2-3).
  • It is part of renewing our minds and being transformed (Rom 12:2).
  • It builds us up and gives us our inheritance (Acts 20:32).
  • It keeps our ways pure (Psalm 119:9-11).
  • It performs its work in our lives (1 Thessalonians 2:13).

I encourage everyone to spend time reading God’s word every day. It is very helpful to have a reading plan. There is not a one-plan-fits-all. I have listed my current plan and the one that I used last year. They are on the aggressive side, and take some time. I try to spend time in the Psalms and Proverbs every day. Then, I like to read a chapter in the gospels. Then, I have a reading from the Old Testament and the New Testament. My personal reading plans may work for some people. There are other Bible reading plans that will fit others better. I try to change my reading plans every year. Let me encourage you to pick a plan that will work for you or create your own, which is what I do. May the Lord open your heart and mind, fill you with His joy as you feast on His word (Jeremiah 15:16), and may you grow in your faith this year.

2024 Reading Plan – Bill

2021 Reading Plan – Bill

2020 Leap Year Reading Plan – Bill

2018 Reading Plan – Bill

2017 Reading Plan – Bill

My Preferred Way to Read the Bible _ CCW – Christian Communicators Worldwide

Bible Project_Reading Plan

The Navigators have several different daily Bible reading plans available at their website. Here is the link to download one of their plans: