03 Pray specifically!

In 1986, I had seen God answer lots of specific prayers. He was really encouraging us to pray about everything. After receiving the oak trees, I began to pray for a cocktail tree. A cocktail tree is one that has had several kinds of fruit trees grafted into it. Since I was living in Florida, I prayed for a citrus cocktail tree, one with oranges, lemons, and grapefruit.

Shortly after our sixth child, David, was born, I received a phone call from Fred Dunn, who lived in Apopka, Florida. At that time he owned Dunn Nurseries. Fred was an elder in his church, and he had heard from someone at our church in Orlando that the Murchisons had just had their sixth child. Even though Fred did not know me, he called me to congratulate us on our sixth child. He said that he wanted to give us a special baby gift. He added that I would probably not know anything about what he was going to give us, but God had moved on his heart to give us a cocktail tree. I told Fred that I had been praying for a cocktail tree, and that this was an answer to prayer. I was really excited. I drove to Apopka, Florida and introduced myself to Fred Dunn. He showed me their selection of cocktail trees and let me pick out the one that I wanted. I thanked him for it, and went home and planted the tree. Once again, God had answered another specific prayer. We enjoyed the fruit from that tree for the next seven years, which is when we moved from Orlando to Atlanta. Pray specifically. Trust God to provide your every need and desire. He delights in our prayers and loves to give good gifts to His children.

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