Evangelism – Lessons At The Car Dealer: # 4

I have been sharing about evangelistic opportunities that I had at the car dealer last week. God gives me lots of opportunities to share with people. I remember my daughter, Kathleen, telling me once that she did not think that I had ever met a stranger. I was always starting conversations with people. The truth is that I was always looking for opportunities to share the gospel, or share an encouragement with someone. I also looked for opportunities to pray for people.  Larry Tomczak wrote a book many years ago called, Divine Appointments. I am always looking for these divine appointments. I believe that God wants to give all of us divine appointments. He has given all of us the mandate to preach the gospel. Why do some people have more of these appointments than others? I believe that one of the primary reasons is prayer.

Paul wrote to the Colossians and asked them to specifically pray that God would open up a door for the word so that he could share the mystery of Christ. (Colossians 4:3) Paul prayed for these open doors or divine appointments, and he asked other people to join him in asking God for more of these divine appointments. Karen and I take time each morning to present our lives to God as living and holy sacrifices. We offer our lives and our service to Him every morning. We ask God to give us divine appointments and opportunities to minister to people. Often, I will take time to pray that God will give divine appointments to the people in our church. I believe that prayer is one of the most important keys. Then, look expectantly for these opportunities. The opportunities at the car dealer are just examples of how God answers those prayers. When you are carrying out God’s work, He will give you opportunities. I ask you to join me in asking God for open doors so that we can speak forth the mystery of Christ.

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