Connecting # 1 – Through the Gospel

Three weeks ago I was returning from South America, and on the last leg of my flight home, the Lord gave me a divine appointment. After a little small talk, the lady next to me shared three different dreams that she recently had. In the first dream, she saw Jesus from a distance being crucified. In the second dream, she was much closer to the crucifixion. In the third dream, she was at the foot of the cross, and she could see the stakes in Jesus that were holding him to the cross. She asked me if I knew what the dreams meant. I told her that all three dreams were one and the same. God is drawing you to the cross. I explained to her that our sins had separated us from God and that He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the cross for our sins. I took her to Romans 10 and shared the rest of the gospel with her.

Afterwards, I told her that it was important for her to get connected to a local church, where she could get fed, cared for, and grow in her relationship with God. I told her it was important to get connected to other believers. Since she lives in Santa Fe, I gave her the name of a church in Santa Fe, the pastor’s name, and his contact information.

At the Connection Church, this is what we do, we help people get connected to God, and to people. Jesus said the greatest commandment was to love God with all our hearts, and the second is to love our neighbor.

Connecting # 2 (Relationally)

I was in South America again this week. Yesterday, on my flight from Miami to Houston, I had the privilege of sitting next to a commercial airline pilot. Since I have used a number of airline illustrations in messages over the past seven years, we had lots of common ground. In fact, I did a ten-week message series on Ministry, and I used a Check List from the Embraer 175, which my brother in law, Scot, who is a pilot for American Eagle, had sent me.  This was a plane that this pilot was very familiar with and had flown extensively.

After establishing some rapport, he opened up about his struggling marriage. I was able to share some marriage principles with him. I exhorted him to begin pursuing his wife and rekindling the passion. I exhorted him to go on dates, and do fun things together. I exhorted him to let his wife know how much he loved her, and to make her know that she is his priority. I exhorted him to pray over his wife and to begin to lead her spiritually.

At Connection Church, this is what we do. We help husbands and wives reconnect. We help families reconnect. We help people connect with God and with one another. We are committed to helping people passionately love God, and to fervently love one another. Because we live in a broken world with disconnected relationships, God has given all of us this vitally important ministry of reconciliation.